Design and Manufactured Technology
Global Structures offers the most innovative structural technologies in the construction market, designed to cope with the harsh climatic conditions of the territory.

The Global Structures system is the fast-to-erect, cost-saving technology, designed to resist lateral and seismic loads caused by hurricanes and earthquakes.

The Global Structures technology is Green and sustainable, resulting in energy efficient buildings and generation of less disposable materials during construction, minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

The fast tract system will result in shorter schedules that translate into greater savings, as well as extremely durable structures.

At the core of the Global Structures Structural System is a high-capacity, lateral load resistant frame and analysis, suited for resistance to hurricane and earthquake conditions.

The System uses eco-friendly recycled materials in all of its structural components.

The building design gains environmental building product credits in the US LEED accreditation system for both Core and Shell as well as Total Building.

Its unique use allows for integration of conventional Architectural and Structural building products, thereby increasing the flexibility of the design.

Its high capacity lateral and gravity wall system is efficient and allows the building design to handle large load requirements of the project. The uniform load concept eliminates concentrated loads, thereby eliminating columns in residential areas. All loads are handled within the wall, allowing full use of all architectural space.

The Cagney joist and deck system is long span a composite joist with 3 7/8" concrete on metal deck. The top chord interloks with the concrete deck thereby forming a rigid "T" section. This allows for a long span at a wider spacing with a slender depth.

The joist is cambered during fabrication to handle all dead loads in the design. This produces a much higher resistance to vibration and bounce. Deflection allowable is as high as l/740.