Design Innovation and Efficiency
The key to the Global Structures technology is its innovative design and manufactured process. All components, assembly and process meet the IBC requirements for all code requirements. Yet the engineering design and assembly process gives it a total system development. Proprietary testing has been conducted on its main components to make sure it meets or exceeds the code requirements for structure, seismic, wind, fire, sound, thermal, and impact.

The Global Structures design is performed in-house during the predesign phase providing value engineering integration with the Architectural Team.

GSI is capable of performing as the Engineer of Record on each project. Its first engagement is quite often before construction financing has been finalized.

The design process carries through to the shop card detailing and project quality control both at the shop and site level.

Turnkey design to build allows for a more comprehensive adherence to code, much higher quality control at the shop level and a turnkey design product. This assures every owner of a "complete" completed project.